For school delays and cancellations, the Hardin-Houston district utilizes the OneCall Now parent notification system. Parents/Students can enroll up to four phone numbers into this system and, in times of delays and cancellations, every parent/student will be called with relevant information. The latest delay and cancellation message sent out using OneCall Now can also be heard by clicking the speaker icon in the OneCall Now banner located on this page.

If you are not enrolled into our OneCall Now system, contact the building secretary to update your contact phone numbers.

In addition to the OneCall Now system, you can check for relevant school delay and closing information from the WHIO TV website that is displayed below. You can also find this information by watching one of the following television stations or checking their website: WHIO, Channel 7; WKEF, Channel 22 and WDTN, Channel 2.

Learn how One Call Now notification services can help you

In addition to receiving calls from the school using this system, parents can easily retrieve or replay a message that was cut off from an answering machine, answered by a toddler, or received on a cellular phone that dropped the call mid-message. In order to do this, call toll-free (877) 698-3261 or (866) 321-4255 from any touch-tone phone.

You can also see when we sent out our most recent District Wide message and hear those messages by clicking the speaker icon on the OneCallNow banner above.

Learn how One Call Now notification services can help you