A Message From the Athletic Director

Welcome everyone as we enter into 2021-22 athletic year (“Entrance Song” by The Black Angels). I am certain that we are all hoping for a smoother year than the preceding one. A method that enabled me to survive the past year was by delving into music. I think music has the capability to change one’s mind, perceptions and attitude, thereby altering the tale of that person’s life (“The Tale of” by Jack Harlon and the Dead Crows). Music, therefore, can inspire us to dig deeper and be better than we normally would on our own. With that said, I know (“I Know” by L’uomo Nero) that it can be tough to get back into the grind of practices, games and school. Due to this, it could be easy not to give it your all and just fall apart (“Falling Apart” by Monophonics) as the year progresses. However, it is imperative (if you want to be successful in school, athletics and life in general) for you to dig down and find reserves within yourself that you never realized you had. To accomplish this, use the resources you have around you, whether this is family, friends, music or any other motivational tool. Wildcats don’t take the easy way out and we don’t give up (“Float On” by Modest Mouse).

Luckily, at least at this time, the governance of athletic events is back to pre-COVID measures. This will afford everyone the opportunity to break out of their home cells and take flight to some athletic events (“Flying Whales” by Gojira). I am happy to say there will be no restrictions on the numbers attending any of our home games or matches. The athletic department is also putting in place the pass policies that were previously in place. Students can buy an athletic pass for $50 and adults for $100. Our local residents, over the age of 65, will also be eligible for the Golden Wildcat pass. In addition to those any student that purchases an athletic t-shirt will be eligible to enter any home athletic event for $1 as long as they are wearing a “Houston” shirt (“See You Next Fall” by All Them Witches).

Admission Prices

SCAL adopted athletic prices for 21-22 school year:

HS Volleyball and Basketball

Students: $5.00

Adults: $7.00

JH Volleyball and Basketball

Students: $4.00

Adults: $4.00

Adult and Student Activity Passes

As long as governmental mandates remain the same regarding Covid-19, the Athletic Department will again be offering student and adult athletic passes. Athletic passes can be purchased through the front office. The fee for a student pass is $50 and an adult pass can be acquired for $100. The Golden Wildcat pass will also be offered to our senior residents, 65 years or older, free of charge. In addition to the pass, Houston students will have the opportunity to purchase a Houston High School t-shirt for $20. As in the past, with the purchase of the t-shirt the students will be able to enter any home high school or junior high event for $1.

The athletic department will once more be broadcasting all of our athletic events, which are to be held in the auxiliary gym and the high school gym, over the NFHS Network system. A subscription is necessary to view the games. An annual pass can be purchased for $69.99 and a monthly pass can be had for $10.99. To subscribe, please visit nfhsnetwork.com/subscribe/retail.

Mandatory Preseason Meetings

The Ohio High School Athletic Association requires the Houston High School Athletic Department to hold preseason informational meetings for parents and athletes in grades 7-12. A parent and athlete are only required to attend one of these meetings per school year. If a parent and athlete attend the fall meeting, the parent and athlete do not have to attend the winter or spring meetings. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly. Again, this is a mandatory meeting and your child’s participation will be declined until the requirement is met.

In an effort to make all preseason meetings more efficient, the athletic department worked in conjunction with our technology department to imbed all of the elements required by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and Houston High School into the school’s online Oneview system. Therefore, when parents/guardians go online to enroll/update their student’s information for the 2019-20 school year, the mandatory online preseason “meeting” can be completed at the same time. As in the past, both the student and parent/guardian must indicate their understanding and acceptance of each component required by the OHSAA and Houston High School. It is imperative that this component is completed by both the parent and student. Again, this change is being made to streamline and simplify the mandatory preseason meeting process.

To access OneView, on the main menu go to “School Information” then “Registration & Forms” and then click on “OneView- Student Enrollment & Forms.”

Helpful Links for Wildcat Fans

Southwest District Website – Get tournament and other valuable information for our part of the state

Ohio High School Athletic Association – Rules, OHSAA bylaws, tournament information, etc

Coaching Staff

HS Cross Country
Bill McKinney

JH Cross Country
Bill McKinney

HS Golf
Nate Fridley

Varsity Volleyball
Lauren Vagedes
Sara Mowery, Assistant

JV Volleyball
Gina Maier

JH Volleyball
Dana Anthony, 8th Grade
Janelle Hillard, 7th Grade

HS Girls Track & Field
Sharon Roeth
Glenn Brown, Assistant

HS Boys Track & Field
Ron Boeke
Steve Mowery, Assistant

JH Girls Track & Field
Lisa Earl
Robert Earl

JH Boys Track & Field
Lisa Earl
Robert Earl

Varsity Softball
Tammy Vondenhuevel
Beth Shaffer, Assistant

Varsity Baseball
Dan Barker
Mike Ely, Assistant

JV Baseball
Dakota Bollinger

Varsity Girls Basketball
Brian Gillespie
Tammy Vondenhuevel, Assistant

JV Girls Basketball
Matt Phyillaier

JH Girls Basketball
Doris Monnier, 8th Grade
TBA, 7th Grade

Varsity Boys Basketball
Caleb Fledderjohann
TBS, Assistant

JV Boys Basketball

Freshman Boys Basketball
Steve Mowery

JH Boys Basketball
TBA, 8th Grade
Brian Helman, 7th Grade

Kim Voisard, High School
Jonna Raffel, Junior High