A Message From the Athletic Director

Welcome everyone to the 2020-21 school year/sports season. I hope everyone has enjoyed the extended break from school. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly six months since we were all in the building. The disruption was unquestionably extensive. Who could have foreseen how detrimental the COVID-19 crisis would be to our everyday lives? (FYI music will be provided for your auditory pleasure; I hope) We are definitely living in a bizarre world (“Another World” by Gojira). Hopefully, we are now moving in a positive direction that will allow us to be back in school and athletically competing with other schools.

I am certain that as we begin the process of coming back into the building and playing sports, you will be flooded (“The Great Flood” by Joe Bonamassa) with information and changes due to COVID-19. Some of the information that comes out may be positive, but then again, it may not necessarily be something that you are personally happy with. Whether the info comes from the state of Ohio, OHSAA, or the district, please try and be patient as we work through the process of being in school. All the decisions that are made are in an effort to keep everyone safe and ensure that school remains open for our students (“All Together” by Monophonics). Speaking of all together, if you were unaware, the athletic department is now utilizing Twitter. Through its application we will be able to quickly disseminate scores as well as any other pertinent information dealing with all of our athletic programs. Make sure that you follow us @HHWildcats, so that you can stay abreast on what is happening with our athletes. Yes, if that sounded familiar, I did copy and paste it from my article in the Cat Chat. I know that’s bad (“It’s Bad You Know” by R. L. Burnside).

I am certain that the upcoming year will bring its own unique issues that we all will need to work through. However, we will work through each with resolve and understanding and in so doing all of us will have an outstanding year. Again, welcome back!

Just because it’s a great song (“Ordinary Man” by Ozzy Osborne featuring Elton John).

Admission Prices

SCAL adopted athletic prices for 20-21 school year:

HS Volleyball and Basketball

Students: $4.00

Adults: $6.00

JH Volleyball and Basketball

Students: $2.00

Adults: $3.00

Houston Ticket Policies for Basketball Contests

Away SCAL Games
Each team will be allotted 70 tickets when attending the following schools: Ft. Loramie, Botkins and Anna. Each team will be given 60 tickets to the following schools: Russia, Fairlawn, Jackson Center. The dissemination of the tickets is up to the discretion of the administration and coaches. Athletes will only be allowed to distribute the tickets allotted to them to their parents. They are not to be given to students. Prior to being admitted into the venue, the spectator will need to provide the name of the athlete/person they are in attendance for. It will then be checked off per the established list sent to the opposing school. No passes will be accepted. All tickets will be $6 for high school contests and $3 for JH contests.

All JH and HS Away Non-League Games
Each non-league opponent will set their own policy for the number of visiting fans and admittance at their events.

Home HS Boys SCAL Games
For each home SCAL games, the visiting team will receive 70 vouchers for admittance. The pep band will be playing at all home SCAL games. The remaining vouchers for the venue will be distributed in the following manner: Basketball players receive one set of four vouchers each. Cheerleaders will be given one set of two vouchers each. Band members will be given twenty sets of two vouchers, distributed per established policy. Coaches will get one set of two vouchers. There will not be a student section. Any sibling of an athlete/band member/or coaches’ child MUST sit with their parent. Any voucher that is not given away, must be given back to the coach of the athlete. No passes will be accepted. All tickets will be $6.

HS Boys Home Non-League Games
Each visiting team will receive 70 vouchers for admittance. Basketball players receive one set of four vouchers each. Cheerleaders will be given one set of two vouchers each. Any voucher that is not given away, must be given back to the coach of the athlete. Each coach will receive one set of two vouchers. Thirty students will be afforded the opportunity to attend the event. Seniors will have the first opportunity to sign for the game on Monday, Juniors will be allowed on Tuesday, Sophomores on Wednesday and Freshman on Thursday. Any student that is given a voucher will be required to sit in the student section and social distance according to the marked seats, or they must sit with their parent.

Other Home Games (Notice of Change in Attendance Policy)

As of January 8, 2021, vouchers will no longer be mandatory to attend the following home events: junior high boys basketball, junior high girls basketball, and high school girls basketball. Tickets must still be purchased at the gate. All ticket prices for JH games are $3 and $6 for HS games. No passes will be accepted. The total number of attending spectators will be monitored at the gate. If the total number in attendance hits the mandated 15% capacity of the venue, all ticket sales will end for that event.

Adult and Student Activity Passes

Due to the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, Houston High School will currently not be selling Adult and Student Activity Passes for the 2020-21 school year. The Golden Wildcat will also not be offered this season due to governmental restrictions on attendance at sporting events.

We will look at reevaluating the situation as we get nearer to the Winter season. If we are confident that basketball will be played, the athletic department and administration will consider selling Adult and Student Activity Passes for the Winter season only.

Thanks for your understanding in this difficult decision.

Mandatory Preseason Meetings

The Ohio High School Athletic Association requires the Houston High School Athletic Department to hold preseason informational meetings for parents and athletes in grades 7-12. A parent and athlete are only required to attend one of these meetings per school year. If a parent and athlete attend the fall meeting, the parent and athlete do not have to attend the winter or spring meetings. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly. Again, this is a mandatory meeting and your child’s participation will be declined until the requirement is met.

In an effort to make all preseason meetings more efficient, the athletic department worked in conjunction with our technology department to imbed all of the elements required by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and Houston High School into the school’s online Oneview system. Therefore, when parents/guardians go online to enroll/update their student’s information for the 2019-20 school year, the mandatory online preseason “meeting” can be completed at the same time. As in the past, both the student and parent/guardian must indicate their understanding and acceptance of each component required by the OHSAA and Houston High School. It is imperative that this component is completed by both the parent and student. Again, this change is being made to streamline and simplify the mandatory preseason meeting process.

To access OneView, on the main menu go to “School Information” then “Registration & Forms” and then click on “OneView- Student Enrollment & Forms.”

Helpful Links for Wildcat Fans

Southwest District Website – Get tournament and other valuable information for our part of the state

Ohio High School Athletic Association – Rules, OHSAA bylaws, tournament information, etc

Coaching Staff

HS Cross Country
Ron Boeke
Bill McKinney

JH Cross Country
Ron Boeke
Bill McKinney

HS Golf
Nate Fridley

Varsity Volleyball
Lauren Vagedes
Sara Mowery, Assistant

JV Volleyball
Gina Maier

JH Volleyball
Haley Meyer, 8th Grade
Jennifer Vanover, 7th Grade

HS Girls Track & Field
Sharon Roeth
Glenn Brown, Assistant

HS Boys Track & Field
Ron Boeke
Steve Mowery, Assistant

JH Girls Track & Field
Lisa Earl
Robert Earl

JH Boys Track & Field
Lisa Earl
Robert Earl

Varsity Softball
Tammy Vondenhuevel
Beth Shaffer, Assistant

Varsity Baseball
Dan Barker
Mike Ely, Assistant

JV Baseball

Varsity Girls Basketball
Brad Allen
Adam Sweigart, Assistant

JV Girls Basketball

JH Girls Basketball
Doris Monnier, 8th Grade
TBA, 7th Grade

Varsity Boys Basketball
Mark Platfoot
Zach Barlage, Assistant

JV Boys Basketball
Kevin Brackman

Freshman Boys Basketball
Steve Mowery

JH Boys Basketball
Steve Polhamus, 8th Grade
Brian Helman, 7th Grade

Kim Voisard, High School
Nicole Sarver-Ludwig, Junior High