8th Grade

7th Grade

Results (most recent listed first)

The 8th grade lost to Fairlawn.

The 8th grade lost to New Bremen.

The 8th grade lost to Fort Loramie.

The 8th grade defeated Newton.

The 8th grade defeated Jackson Center.

The 8th grade defeated Mississinawa Valley 29-24.

The 8th grade lost to Botkins.

The 8th grade defeated Bradford.

The 8th grade lost to Anna 35-21.

The 8th grade defeated Ansonia 26-21.

The 8th grade defeated Jackson Center.

The 8th grade lost to Arcanum 34-32.

The 8th grade lost to Russia 34-21.

The 8th grade defeated Fairlawn 29-28.

The 8th grade defeated Lehman Catholic 33-17.


8th Grade
11/8/20215:30 PMANew Bremen (Scrimmage) (8th grade only)
11/18/20215:00 PMANew Knoxville (Scrimmage) (8th grade only)
11/20/202110:00 AMALehman Catholic (8th grade only)W 33-17
11/22/20215:00 PMAFairlawn (8th grade only)W 29-28
11/29/20215:00 PMHRussia (8th grade only)L 34-21
12/4/202110:45 AMAArcanum (8th grade only)L 34-32
12/6/20215:00 PMAJackson Center (8th grade only)W
12/11/202110:00 AMAAnsonia (8th grade only)W 26-21
12/13/20215:00 PMHAnna (8th grade only)L 35-21
12/16/20215:30 PMABradford (8th grade only)W
12/18/202110:00 AMATroy Christian (8th grade only) Cancelled
12/20/20215:00 PMABotkins (8th grade only)L
12/27/20215:00 PMHMississinawa Valley (8th grade only)W 29-24
1/6/20225:00 PMHJackson Center (8th grade only)W
1/8/202210:00 AMHNewton (8th grade only)W
1/10/20225:00 PMHFort Loramie (8th grade only)L
1/13/20226:15 PMANew Bremen (8th grade only)L
1/15/202210:00 AMHFairlawn (8th grade only)L
1/20/20225:00 PMHNew Knoxville (8th grade only)
1/22/2022TBAASCAL Tournament at Fort Loramie
1/27/2022TBAASCAL Tournament Semi-Finals at Fort Loramie
1/31/2022TBAASCAL Tournament Finals at Fort Loramie
7th Grade
11/8/20215:30 PMANew Bremen (Scrimmage)Cancelled
11/18/20215:00 PMANew Knoxville (Scrimmage)Cancelled
11/20/202110:00 AMALehman CatholicCancelled
11/22/20215:00 PMAFairlawnCancelled
11/29/20215:00 PMHRussiaCancelled
12/4/202110:00 AMAArcanumCancelled
12/6/20215:00 PMAJackson Center (7th grade only)Cancelled
12/11/202110:00 AMAAnsoniaCancelled
12/13/20215:00 PMHAnnaCancelled
12/16/20215:00 PMABradfordCancelled
12/18/202110:00 AMATroy Christian Cancelled
12/20/20215:00 PMABotkinsCancelled
12/27/20215:00 PMHMississinawa Valley Cancelled
1/6/20225:00 PMHJackson Center (7th grade only)Cancelled
1/8/202210:00 AMHNewtonCancelled
1/10/20225:00 PMHFort LoramieCancelled
1/15/202210:00 AMHFairlawnCancelled
1/20/20225:00 PMHNew Knoxville (8th grade only)Cancelled
1/22/2022TBAASCAL Tournament at Ft. LoramieCancelled
1/27/2022TBAASCAL Tournament Semi-Finals at Ft. LoramieCancelled
1/31/2022TBAASCAL Tournament Finals at Ft. LoramieCancelled