Winter Sports Awards Program

Houston High School held the Winter Sports Awards Program on Monday, March 5th. Boys basketball award winners were Howie Ludwig with the Best Offensive Player Award, Jairon Douglas with the Best Defensive Player Award, John Leist with the Rebounding Award, and Caleb Sluss with the Wildcat Award. Girls basketball award winners were Hollie Voisard with the Best Defensive Player Award, Sarah Monnier with the Rebounding Award, Addie White with the Wildcat Award, Jess Monnier with the Best Offensive Player Award and the Rebounding Award. Cheerleading Award winners were Olivia Bowser with the Spirit Award and Allison Langenkamp with the Wildcat Award. Winter athletes that received All League Honors were Jess Monnier with 2nd Team SCAL and Howie Ludwig with Honorable Mention SCAL. Congratulations to all winter athletes!

Boys Basketball Award Winners: John Leist (Rebounding Award), Caleb Sluss (Wildcat Award), Howie Ludwig (Best Offensive Player) and Jairon Douglas (Best Defensive Player)
Girls Basketball Award Winners: Jess Monnier (Best Offensive Player and Rebounding Award), Addie White (Wildcat Award), and Hollie Voisard (Best Defensive Player)
Cheerleadng Award Winners: Olivia Bowser (Spirit Award) and Allison Langenkamp (Wildcat Award)
All SCAL Honors: Jessica Monnier (1st Team) and Howie Ludwig (Honorable Mention)
Winter Sports Seniors: James DiLullo (Basketball), McKenna Murray (Cheer), Rebekah New (Basketball), Morgan Ely (Basketball), Chare Jeffries (Basketball), Allison Langenkamp (Cheer), Sarah Monnier (Basketball), and Caleb Sluss (Basketball)