Junior High and High School Testing Schedule

Houston Junior High and High School will begin testing on April 16th. The full schedule is below.

English and Language Arts (ELA)
April 16th: Seventh Grade (afternoon)
April 17th: Eighth Grade (morning)
April 18th: Ninth Grade (afternoon)
April 20th: Tenth Grade (morning)
April 23rd: ELA Make ups (morning)
April 25th: Eighth Grade (afternoon)
April 26th: Biology 10 (morning)
April 27th: Science Make ups (morning)
Social Studies
April 30th: US History (afternoon)
May 1st: Government (morning)
May 2nd: Seventh Grade (afternoon)
May 3rd: Eighth Grade (morning)
May 4th: Makeup Testing
May 7th: Ninth Grade (morning)
May 8th: Tenth Grade (afternoon)