PAJHS Induction

The Philip S. Abbot Junior Honor Society held their fall induction ceremony on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. The new inductees are Olivia Bales, Luke Beaver, Taylor Birkemeier, Stephanie Bingham, Aiden Campbell, Malina Chappie, Morgan Davis, Aurora DeLong, Justin Flaute, Addy Frohne, Anna Henry, Abigail Hickerson, Emily Hollinger, Mitch Holscher, Carter Ingle, Alex Kellersmith, Grace Koenig, Lucas Langenkamp, Keirstin Ludwig, Taylor Maxwell, Hayden Mowery, Seth Oberdorf, Jillian Parsley, Lainey Peacock, Olivia Pitchford, Kate Rockwood, Luke Ryan, Bryce Sauvie, Oliviah Smith, and Lauren Stangel.

Fall 2018 Inductees