Fall Sports Awards Program

Houston High School held the Fall Sports Awards Program on Monday, November 6th. Golf award winners were Cole Pitchford with the Low Stroke Average, Jon Steiner received the Most Improved Award and Nathan Stangel was the Wildcat Award Winner. Volleyball award winners were Alyssa Kemp with the Best Offensive Player Award, Olivia Bowser with the Best Defensive Player Award and Katelynn Garber with the Wildcat Award. Cross country award winners for the boys team were Tristin Freistuhler as the Top Runner, Ryan Ely as Most Improved, and Ethan Knouff with the Wildcat Award. Cross country award winners for the girls team were Hollie Voisard as the Top Runner, Libby Knapke as the Most Improved, and Addie White with the Wildcat Award. Several athletes were also recognized for earning All League honors. Receiving 1st Team SCAL were cross country runners Tristin Freistuhler, Ethan Knouff, Hollie Voisard, and Ava Knouff. Receiving 2nd Team SCAL were cross country runner Blake Jacobs and golfer Cole Pitchford. Receiving Honorable Mention honors were volleyball players Olivia Bowser and Alyssa Kemp. Congratulations to all fall athletes!

Boys Cross Country Award Winners: Tristin Freistuhler (Top Runner), Ethan Knouff (Wildcat Award) and Ryan Ely (Most Improved)
Girls Cross Country Award Winners: Hollie Voisard (Top Runner) and Addie White (Wildcat Award). Not pictured Libby Knapke (Most Improved)
Golf Award Winners: Jon Steiner (Most Improved), Nathan Stangel (Wildcat Award), and Cole Pitchford (Low Stroke Average)
Volleyball Award Winners: Olivia Bowser (Best Defensive Player), Katelynn Garber (Wildcat Award), and Alyssa Kemp (Best Offensive Player)
All SCAL Honors: Alyssa Kemp (Volleyball Honorable Mention), Olivia Bowser (Volleyball Honorable Mention), Ava Knouff (Cross Country 1st Team), Hollie Voisard (Cross Country 1st Team), Tristin Freistuhler (Cross Country 1st Team), Ethan Knouff (Cross Country 1st Team), Blake Jacobs (Cross Country 2nd Team), and Cole Pitchford (Golf 2nd Team).
Fall Sports Seniors: Katelynn Garber (Volleyball), Tristin Freistuhler (Cross Country), Olivia Bowser (Volleyball), Nathan Stangel (Golf), Addie White (Cross Country), Ethan Knouff (Cross Country), Hayden Riesenbeck (Volleyball), Jacob Slater (Cross Country), Hollie Voisard (Cross Country), Isaiah Schmitmeyer (Cross Country), Alyssa Kemp (Volleyball), and Eliza Mertz (Golf).