Science Fair

The annual Hardin-Houston Science Fair was held on December 11th. The sixth grade students were required to create a presentation board pertaining to their topics. We would like to thank the judges who dedicated their time and expertise in this event. Congratulations to the following winners:

Mrs. Koverman:
1st: Jackson Koenig (38.5) – Bacteria In The Bite
2nd: Miley Sowers (37.6) – Let It Grow, Let It Grow
3rd: Kasen Craft (37) – Phone Book Friction

Mrs. Larger:
1st: Madison Garrett (37.333) – Salty Crystals
2nd: Taige Weidner (35) – Suck It Up
3rd: Brent Hartzell (34.333) – Pop Goes The Weasel

Mrs. Knouff:
1st: Lylah Kennedy (37) – To Drink or Not to Drink?
2nd: Nick Kirk (36.666) – Corroding Cola
Lauryn Crim (36.666) – Bow Wow, That’s Good!
3rd: Anna Tauber (35.666) – Charge It Up!

1st: Jackson Koenig
2nd: Miley Sowers
3rd: Madison Garrett

Science Fair judging
Overall Winners: Jackson Koenig, Miley Sowers, and Madison Garrett
Winners from Mrs. Larger’s class: Madison Garrett, Taige Weidner, and Brent Hartzell
Winners from Mrs. Koverman’s class: Jackson Koenig, Miley Sowers, and Kasen Craft
Winners from Mrs. Knouff’s class: Lylah Kennedy, Nick Kirk, Lauryn Crim, and Anna Tauber