Ohio College Application Month

All Seniors in Ohio are encouraged to apply to at least one college during Ohio College Application Month. The goal is to make going to college more attainable for all students. Even if Seniors do not plan to attend college immediately after high school, applying and gaining acceptance to at least one college during the Senior year makes it that much more attainable to attend college at some point in the future.

All in-house Houston High School Seniors will participate in both the Financial Planning Workshop and College Application Day events. Those who attend UVCC or full-time Edison may participate, but must gain permission ahead of time by emailing Mrs. Merickel.

Any Houston High School student, regardless of age, and their parent are welcome to attend our evening event, College & Financial Aid Night. We welcome back Van Wright from BGSU to speak on college choice, Jenna from Wright State to talk about Financial Aid, and Faye Spangler to present information on the Barnes Trust Student Loan program (a local loan only open to students in Shelby County schools). This event is a masks-required event, as are all school functions at this time.

Any questions about Ohio College Application Month can be directed to Mrs. Merickel. Looking forward to watching just how high our Wildcats can leap toward their future!