Hardin-Houston Local School Testing Schedule

Hardin-Houston Local School will begin testing on March 29th. The full schedule is below.


March 29th: 4th Grade
March 30th: Third Grade
March 31st: 4th Grade

April 1st: Third Grade
April 7th: Fifth Grade
April 9th: Fifth Grade
April 12th: Sixth Grade
April 13th: Sixth Grade

April 20th: Third Grade
April 21st: Fourth Grade
April 22nd: Third Grade
April 32rd: Fourth Grade

April 27th: Fifth Grade
April 28th: Fifth Grade
April 29th: Sixth Grade
April 30th: Sixth Grade

May 4th: Fifth grade
May 5th: Fifth grade

Junior High and High School

April 8th: ELA Test Day for grades 7, 8, and 10
April 22nd: Math Test Day for grades 7, 8, 9,and 10
April 29th: Science/Social Studies test day for grades 8, 10, and 11