Fall Sports Awards Program

Houston High School held the Fall Sports Awards Program on Monday, November 1st. Golf award winners were Ethan Lukey with the Low Stroke Average, Parker Herrick received the Most Improved Award and Ethan Funk was the Wildcat Award Winner. Volleyball award winners were Grace Slade with the Best Offensive Player Award, Megan Maier with the Best Defensive Player Award and Bri Kemp with the Wildcat Award. Cross country award winners for the boys team were Hunter Mowery as the Top Runner, Justin Pollock as Most Improved, and Ryan Ely with the Wildcat Award. Cross country award winners for the girls team were Ava Knouff as the Top Runner, Mekayla Pleiman as the Most Improved, and Katrina Meiring with the Wildcat Award. Several athletes were also recognized for earning All League honors. Receiving 1st Team SCAL were cross country runner Hunter Mowery, volleyball player Megan Maier, and golfer Ethan Lukey. Congratulations to all fall athletes! Pictures of award winners will be posted on Wednesday.

Boys Cross Country Award Winners: Justin Pollock (Most Improved), Ryan Ely (Wildcat Award), and Hunter Mowery (Top Runner)
Girls Cross Country Award Winners: Katrina Meiring (Wildcat Award ) and Ava Knouff (Top Runner). Not pictured: Mekayla Pleiman (Most Improved)
Golf Award Winners: Parker Herrick (Most Improved), Ethan Funk (Wildcat Award), Ethan Lukey (Low Stroke Average)
Volleyball Award Winners: Megan Maier (Best Defensive Player), Graceanne Slade (Best Offensive Player), and Bri Kemp (Wildcat Award)
All SCAL Honors: Hunter Mowery (Cross Country 1st Team), Megan Maier (Volleyball 1st Team) and Ethan Lukey (Golf 1st Team)
Fall Sports Seniors: Sam Cartwright (Cross Country), Hunter Mowery (Cross Country). Bri Kemp (Volleyball), Justin Pollock (Cross Country), Grace Slade (Volleyball), Ethan Funk (Golf), Megan Maier (Volleyball), Ava Knouff (Cross Country), Tanner Cooper (Golf), Rylie Voisard (Volleyball), Ryan Ely (Cross Country), Jake Leist (Golf), Cole Crim (Cross Country), and Katrina Meiring (Cross Country).