Band Award Winners

Congratulations to last night’s band and chorus award winners that were recognized at the 2022 Spring Concert. Lauren Stangel received the John Philip Souza Award and Cole Crim received the Band Booster scholarship. Receiving most outstanding awards were Jazz band member Bryce Sauvie, chorus member Hailey Nill, senior Megan Maier, junior Katelynn Rockwood, sophomore Ethan Lukey, freshman Reagan Steiner, 8th grader Cali Gordon, 7th grader Hailey McCorkle, 6th grader Brylee Breeze, and 5th grader Aubrey Deppen. Receiving most improved awards were Jazz band member Aurora DeLong, chorus member Alayna Johnson, senior Cole Crim, junior Lainey Peacock, sophomore Austin Schutz, freshman Dylan Shaffer, 8th grader Makenna Vondenhuevel, 7th grader Mackenzie Austin, 6th grader Bentleigh Willingham, and 5th grader Wyatt Slife. The chorus also debuted their You will be found video project which was a joint venture between the Chorus and the Advanced Tech class. The video can be viewed below or on YouTube by clicking here.

John Philip Souza Award Winner Lauren Stangel
Jazz Band Award winners: Aurora DeLong (Most Improved) and Bryce Sauvie (Most Outstanding) (not pictured)
Senior Award winners: Megan Maier (Most Outstanding) and Cole Crim (Most Improved)
Sophomore Award winners: Ethan Lukey (Most Outstanding) and Austin Schutz (Most Improved)
8th Grade Award winners: Cali Gordon (Most Outstanding) and Makenna Vondenhuevel (Most Improved)
6th Grade Award winners: Brylee Breeze (Most Improved) and Bentleigh Willingham (Most Outstanding)
Band Booster Scholarship Recipient Cole Crim
Chorus Award winners: Alayna Johnson (Most Improved) and Hailey Nill (Most Outstanding) (not pictured)
Junior Award winners: Katelynn Rockwood (Most Outstanding) and Lainey Peacock (Most Improved)
Freshmen Award winners: Reagan Steiner (Most Outstanding) and Dylan Shaffer (Most Improved)
7th Grade Award winners: Hailey McCorkle (Most Outstanding) and Mackenzie Austin (Most Improved) (not pictured)
5th Grade Award winners: Aubrey Deppen (Most Outstanding) and Wyatt Slife (Most Improved) (not pictured)