Winter Sports Awards Program

Houston High School held the Winter Sports Awards Program on Thursday, February 23rd. Boys basketball award winners were Rusty Vondenhuevel with the Best Offensive Player Award, Luke Beaver with the Best Defensive Player Award, Parker Herrick with the Wildcat Award, and Jeff Leist with the Rebounding Award. Girls basketball award winners were Katie Maier with Best Offensive Player Award, Lauryn Crim with the Best Defensive Player Award, Emilee Earl with the Rebounding Award and Taylor Maxwell with the Wildcat Award. Cheerleading Award winners were Addy Frohne with the Spirit Award and Elizabeth Low with the Wildcat Award. Winter athletes that received All League Honors were Katie Maier with 2nd Team All SCAL. Congratulations to all winter athletes!

Boys Basketball Award Winners: Jeff Leist (Rebounding Award), Luke Beaver (Best Defensive Player Award), Parker Herrick (Wildcat Award), and Rusty Vondenhuevel (Best Offensive Player Award
Girls Basketball Award Winners: Emilee Earl (Rebounding Award), Taylor Maxwell (Wildcat Award), Lauryn Crim (Best Defensive Player Award), and Katie Maier (Best Offensive Player Award)
Cheerleading Award Winners: Elizabeth Low (Wildcat Award) and Addy Frohne (Spirit Award)
All SCAL Honors: Katie Maier (2nd Team).
Winter Sports Seniors: Anna Henry (Cheer), Luke Beaver (Basketball), Addy Frohne (Cheer), Hayden Mowery (Basketball), Lainey Peacock (Basketball), Taylor Maxwell (Basketball), Makayla Burch (Cheer), and Parker Herrick (Basketball)