Spring Sports Awards Program

Houston High School held the Spring Sports Awards Program on Thursday, May 18th. Baseball award winners were Luke Beaver with the Best Offensive Player Award, Ethan Dienhart with the Best Defensive Player Award, and Jacob Moorman with the Wildcat Award. Softball award winners were Katie Maier with the Best Offensive Player Award, Makenna Vondenhuevel with the Best Defensive Player Award, and Lainey Peacock with the Wildcat Award. Boys track award winners were Ethan Davis with Most Points Track, Austin Schutz with Most Points Field, Alex Kellersmith with the Wildcat Award, Hayden Mowery and Isaac Wills with the Russ Richards Award, Preston McDermit with the Ryan Mohler Award, and Dakari Crawford with the Ron Boeke Award. Girls track award winners were Mekayla Pleiman with Most Points Track, Emilee Earl with Most Points field and Taige Weidner with the Wildcat Award. Several athletes were recognized for earning All League honors. In baseball, Luke Beaver received 2nd Team All SCAL and Jeff Leist received honorable mention All SCAL. In softball, Katie Maier and Makenna Vondenhuevel both received 2nd Team All SCAL. In girls track, Kinzy Westfall  was 1st team high jump and Emilee Earl was 1st team shot put, 1st team pole vault, and 2nd team discus. Congratulations to all spring athletes!

Baseball Award Winners: Ethan Dienhart (Best Defensive Player), Jacob Moorman (Wildcat Award), and Luke Beaver (Best Offensive Player)
Softball Award Winners: Makenna Vondenhuevel (Best Defensive Player), Lainey Peacock (Wildcat Award), and Katie Maier (Best Offensive Player)
Softball All SCAL Honors: Makenna Vondenhuevel (2nd Team) and Katie Maier (2nd Team)
Baseball and Softball Seniors: Zavier Ludwig, Luke Beaver, Jacob Moorman, Lainey Peacock, Taylor Birkemeier, and Makayla Burch
Boys Track Award Winners: Ethan Davis (Most Points Track), Alex Kellersmith (Wildcat Award), Austin Schutz (Most Points Field), Preston McDermit (Ryan Mohler Award), Isaac Wills (Russ Richards Award), and Hayden Mowery (Russ Richards Award)
Girls Track Award Winners: Taige Weidner (Wildcat Award), Emilee Earl (Most Points Field), and Mekayla Pleiman (Most Points Track).
Track All SCAL Honors: Emilee Earl (1st Team Pole Vault, 1st Team Shot Put, and 2nd Team Discus) and Kinzy Westfall (1st Team High Jump)
Track Seniors: Ethan Davis, Alex Kellersmith, Isaac Wills, and Hayden Mowery