Preseason Meetings

Parents and Athletes:

The OHSAA requires a mandatory preseason meeting to be held for each sport season: Fall, Winter and Spring. A parent and the athlete are required to attend one meeting each year, if the student intends to participate in an OHSAA school sponsored sport. Attendance is mandatory prior to any participation in an OHSAA sanctioned sport. Information about school policies and OHSAA requirements will be covered at the meeting.

If a parent and the athlete have already attended the Fall meeting, you have met your requirement for the year and no additional attendance is needed. However, if your child will be participating in a Winter sport and you have not been in attendance at an in-person preseason meeting, a parent and the student must attend the Preseason Meeting, which will be held on October 17, 2023 at 6pm. The meeting will be held in the commons.

Furthermore, if your child is going to be participating in a Spring sport, you may attend the scheduled Winter meeting. This would cover the OHSAA requirement and no further attendance would be necessary this year.