Ask Any Girl

Houston High School under the direction of Mrs. York presents “Ask Any Girl” on November 3rd and 4th at 7:00 PM in the commons. Tickets are $5. Meg Wheeler felt stifled in her small hometown where she’s just graduated from college. So Meg comes to New York intent on enlarging her horizon—and by that she means finding a husband. She moves into a boarding house in Manhattan that’s filled with attractive girls, most of them just as eager as Meg to find the ideal man. Meg has a unique ability to invent plausible statistics. “According to statistics,” she used to tell her parents, “eighty-two point four percent of girls over sixteen are allowed to stay out till midnight.” However, when Meg tries her homemade statistics on the mathematically inclined Miles Doughton, head of an advertising firm, the system fails. Meg is fascinated by Miles’ younger brother Evan. When she looks at him, she feels “like a marshmallow over an open fire.” Miles decides to give her a hand in snaring Evan but, in the course of it all, he and Meg fall in love with each other!