Band Award Winners

Congratulations to last night’s band and chorus award winners that were recognized at the 2024 Spring Concert. Ethan Lukey received the John Philip Souza Award and the Band Booster Scholarship. Receiving most outstanding awards were Jazz band member Rusty Vonedhuevel, high school choir member Lilly Detrick, junior high choir member Rylinn Bruner, senior Katie Maier, junior Mya Lentz, sophomore Cadence DeLong, freshman Alexis West, 8th grader Amber Young, 7th grader Aubrey Deppen, 6th grader Nate Keating, and 5th grader Madeline Ginn. Receiving most improved awards were Jazz band member Gabe Jackson, high school choir member Aubrey Bodenmiller, junior high choir member Jenna Leist, senior Calen Woodward, junior Lilli McClenen, sophomore Carson West, freshmen Malachi Sano, 8th grader Kaylin Jolly, 7th grader Claire Holscher, 6th graders Brooklyn Grisez, and 5th grader Lexi Dershem.

If you were unable to check out the art show in person, you can chcek out all of our students creative works of art in a virtual show by clicking here.

Ethan Lukey received the John Philip Souza Award and the Band Booster Scholarship
Jazz Band Award Winners Rusty Vondenhuevel and Gabe Jackson
High School Choir Award Winners Lilly Detrick and Aubrey Bodenmiller
Junior High Choir Award Winners Rylinn Bruner and Jenna Leist
Senior Band Award Winners Caleb Woodward and Katie Maier
Junior Band Award Winners Mya Lentz and Lilli McClenen
Sophomore Band Award Winners Carson West and Cadence DeLong
Freshman Band Award Winners Malachi Sano and Alexis West
Junior High Most Outstanding Band Award Winners Aubrey Deppen and Amber Young
5th Grade Band Award Winner Madeline Ginn