School Lunch and Breakfast Information

Our cafeterias use a computerized lunch accounting system. Students are required to prepay for all meals. Students then use a PIN code to debit their account at the time of sale. Students and parents are encouraged to prepay days, weeks or even months in advance and can create one family account for all their children to use. Money can be deposited into several locked boxes located within the school using cash or a personal check. Money must be deposited by 8:00 AM for that amount to be applied to that day’s lunch.

Free and Reduced Lunch

All student meals are eligible for the National Lunch Program (Free & Reduced). Click here for more information and to see if you qualify.

Lunch Menu


Start your day off right with Breakfast! Breakfast is available to all K-12 students, with serving beginning at 7:40 AM. The cost for breakfast is $1.00 ($.20 for reduced qualified students).

Menu Prices

Student Breakfast: $1.00
Elementary Student Lunch: $1.75
Junior High and High School Student Lunch: $1.90
All Adult Lunches: $2.50

View Student Lunch Information Online

With you never have to worry about lost lunch money again. is a secure, easy and convenient way to apply funds directly to your student’s lunch account online. You can even check the account balance and keep an eye on what your student is buying! As an added convenience, parents can receive a Low Balance notification email alerting the parent that the student’s account will need another payment applied soon. has been designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what information you need to provide and to guide you through the process.

To learn more visit To register, you simply need your student’s district student ID number.

To obtain this information, please contact the school office at 937-295-3010.

Summer Opportunities

Did you know there are free activities and meals available for kids and teens during the summer? There is no cost to enroll, and it is open to all children under 18. Find a site near you:

Call: 1-866-348-6479
Text: Summer Meals to 97779