The safety of our children is an important issue and we are committed to promoting a safe learning environment for all students. All of our buildings are monitored by video surveillance equipment at all times and a Resource Officer from the Shelby County Sheriff’s office is present in our building every school day.

Building Security

All exterior doors remain locked at all times during the school day and monitored by security cameras. All visitors who wish to enter the building must use the intercom system at the main door or vestibule entry, where the doors can be unlocked remotely after the identification and purpose of the visitor has been verified by school officials.

ID Badges

Employee ID badges also help ensure every adult at school has a legitimate purpose. Because visitors receive a temporary ID badge upon entering a school, students and staff know, at a glance, whether an adult belongs in school, making it easy to identify and report individuals who should not be in the buildings.

Internet Safety

In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Hardin-Houston Local School District utilizes filtering software and other technologies to prevent students and staff from accessing content that is obscene, pornographic in nature or is otherwise considered harmful to minors. We also monitor the online activities of all students through direct observation and technological means to ensure that students are not accessing such content or any other material that is inappropriate.