The Algebra III Math Students Get Creative!!!

Students in Algebra III had one semester to create an image of their choosing or creation. They were required to use and apply their knowledge of functions and transformations of function families to create an accurate and detailed image using a rubric provided on the first day of school. As students built their skills in class, they could apply those skills to get more creative with their images. Students were permitted to use a graphing calculator or All of the images you see below were created using mathematical equations written by the students this year. Some of them have more than 100 equations!!! When asked what they learned from this project, most students replied how to move or transform functions. When asked what advice they would offer to sophomores, most commented to not procrastinate on such a large project! Congrats to all of you!! These were some awesome projects!!!

Christmas tree created by Shelby Ayers, Becca Selanders, and Drew Walker
Frog created by Kate Garber, Chare Jeffries, Cassidy Mayse, and Lena Stangel
Homer Simpson created by Dominic Beaver, Tristin Freistuhler, Ethan Knouff, and Isaac Stephenson
Snowflake created by Jessica Monnier
Car created by Kaycie Asher, Kelci Cooper, and Morgan Wemmer
Dragonite created by Mason Brewer


Barack Obama created by Kate Gothberg and Josh Renner
Turtle created by Eliza Mertz
Minion created by Michael Mayse, Scott Smith, and Owen Swigert
Snowman created by Olivia Bowser, Jacob Slater, and Addie White