High School Counselor

Stephanie Merickel

Upcoming Events

Explore Careers Day

Wednesday November 30, 2022

Annual Sophomore Field Trip to the Upper Valley Career center.  Students will get to check out two programs of their choice on this day.

UVCC Open House

Thursday December 1, 2022

The Open House will provide the first opportunity for students to apply

Students who cannot make the Open House will be able to apply that night online.  It is highly recommended to apply that night to have the best chance of securing a spot in the program of choice.

Mandatory College Credit Plus Meeting

Thursday February 9, 2023 @ 6:30 PM

All students grades 6-11 that are interested in learning about how to earn college credits while in high school must attend the required CCP meeting.  Students in grades 8-11 can be eligible for in-house CCP courses.  Current CCP students must also attend to get required paperwork to begin the process for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Statewide Junior ACT Test

Tuesday February 28, 2023

Juniors will take the ACT at Houston High School on this date at 8:00 AM.  Students who typically attend school elsewhere, such as UVCC, will take it at HHS.  

ACT Testing

The ACT is being offered to any high school student who would like to take/re-take the test.  Ensure you are meeting your college’s deadline to submit scores.  Register online at act.org.  If you need a fee waiver for the ACT, you can get one by stopping by the office.

Each year in February or March the ACT is offered free of charge to all Houston Juniors.  More details are available annually for those students as the date approaches.

ACT Prep Workshops

A pair of Ft. Loramie teachers who have been offering this class for many years.  They have workshops available at various times throughout the year.  The next ones lead up to the Junior ACT date in February.  See flyer for details, or consult their website here for more information.

There is an additional ACT prep option through Russia High School.  See the flyer here.

Graduation Requirements

For the class of 2022, please find documentation on graduation requirements here.

For the classes of 2023 and beyond, please find graduation requirements here.

The classes of 2023 and on will utilize the Graduation Audit and Career Planning Sheet to track all graduation requirements.  Part of that is earning two graduation seals.  Electronic versions of each document are below.

Graduation Audit and Career Planning Sheet

Houston High School Graduation Seals 

You can find more information on at the Ohio Department of Education’s website on Grad Requirements here.


New HS Math Curriculum Information

Letter to Families

Math Path Flowchart

Student Decision Tree

Scholarships Available Now

National Honor Society Scholarships

Deadline November 30, 2022

To properly apply for this scholarship requires planning and organization.  Start weeks in advance to make sure you meet the deadline.  Find the application and three-step process here.


Edison State Scholarships

Deadline March 1, 2023

Students planning to go to Edison after graduation are encouraged to apply for these.  Link to application available here.

Edison State Tuition Waiver Program-Class of 2023

Students graduating in 2023 who will have earned at least six CCP credits can attend Edison State tuition-free   Details here.


Barnes Student Loan Program

Deadline March 31, 2023

This unique college loan program is for any student planning to pursue education beyond high school who needs additional funds to meet the cost.  It is locally-run and interest-free until you are finished with college.  Information and link to the application is available here.


Many more scholarships to come.  Check back every couple of weeks for updates.  New scholarships are also mentioned on the morning announcements, so listen for those opportunities.


Employment Opportunities

Here are job opportunities that have been shared with the school by local employers.



This new visual guide from National Honor Society is an emerging way to gear up for life after high school! Any HHS student can access this free tool

College and Occupation Search

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is typically one of the most important things a student can do to help them decide what path to pursue after high school. 

9th through 12th grade students at Houston High School are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and shadow someone who works in a job or profession of interest.  Any student who wishes to take part in a Job Shadow experience may do so by talking with Mrs. Merickel.  There is a brief application form, but the process is easy and fun!  

Current Employment Opportunities

Ohio Means Jobs Website

Hometown Opportunity website – local job postings and resources

How to find a college or university that fits your needs.


Bachelor’s Degree Seekers (4 years):

List of Ohio’s Public Colleges and Universities
List of Ohio’s Private Colleges and Universities

***Click on “Ohio’s Private Colleges,” then click on “View Ohio’s Private Colleges.” This will allow you to look at a great fact sheet on any chosen college, as well as take you directly to the school’s website.

Nearby Branch colleges:
The Ohio State University, Lima Campus
Wright State University, Lake Campus Celina

Certificate/Associate’s Degree (2 years or less):

Associate Degree and Certificate Programs at Edison Community College, Piqua
Associate Degree and Certificate Programs at Rhodes State College, Lima
Associate Degree and Certificate Programs at the University of Northwestern Ohio, Lima
Associate Degree and Certificate Programs at Sinclair Community College, Dayton
Certificate Programs in the Adult Division of the UVCC

ACT/SAT links

ACT site

SAT site