1st and 2nd Grade Music Program – It’s a Hit!

Please join the 1st and 2nd grade classes on Thursday, March 15th for their spring music program titled, “It’s a Hit!” The students will put on an afternoon show at 2:00 PM for the PK-6th grade students and an evening show at 7:00 PM for the community. If you are unable to attend the evening show, you are welcome to come see the afternoon showing but please make sure to sit toward the back of the commons so that our students can see during the show.

A new girl in town has joined the boys’ baseball team. No problem. But wait! She wants to be the pitcher? That has never been done before! Through five innings, the cast gets to play the parts of many favorite baseball players throughout history, and they learn how to be true All-Stars whether the score shows a win or loss.