Elementary Principal

Sara Roseberry

A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Hardin-Houston Elementary! It is always so exciting to start a new year after a summer of rejuvenation. We are focusing efforts on creating a positive atmosphere in the building and trauma-free environments in our classrooms. The staff has received some training in this, and we will continue in that learning process. We want our school to be a place in which all students feel safe and secure.

As a part of this initiative, we will employ PAX strategies in the classrooms. PAX stands for Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness. It is an evidence-based model that has been proven to decrease bullying and suicidal thoughts. We plan to have an informational evening for parents so that you can follow through with some of the same strategies at home.
We look forward to a great year. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

2019-2020 Hardin-Houston Elementary School Building Goals

  • Successfully implement standards-based grade cards at all grades in the building and assist parents in understanding the process with at least 3 forms of communication.
  • Begin to develop a trauma-free environment in the building by utilizing PAX strategies and strive for a 40% improvement in benchmarking by spring.
  • Begin the development of a PBIS model by teaching 100% of the staff the foundations of the model and working as a team to set common expectations and language for use in all areas of the building.