Week 3 Superintendent Message

Hello again parents, students, and community members, I have a few new updates for you as we enter week 3 of online instruction for all of our Hardin-Houston Wildcat students. Yesterday, Governor Mike DeWine announced that schools would continue to be closed thru Friday, May 1st, and with that our hard-working staff will continue to provide quality online instruction combined with unique projects for our Wildcats to complete. We are so thankful for the effort our kids are demonstrating during these challenging times in addition to the support, homework help, and structure our parents are giving to them during the evenings when their personal workday has ended. I would also like to inform you that both principals, Mr. Judy and Mrs. Roseberry and our athletic director, Mr. Knouff are constantly looking at potential reschedule dates for all major activities and events that have been postponed so far this spring based upon the premise that restrictions will be lifted in the near future. The district’s administration fully understands the importance that these events play in our student’s lives and will do our best to afford them these high school experiences. Take care of yourself and Go Wildcats!