Meet the Team Night

The Meet the Team Night will be live streamed over our new NFHS camera system. To view Meet the Team Night please follow the link Once on the site, an account must be set up. It is free to create an account. Once your account is created you will search for “Houston – Houston, OH”. It will take you to our page. From our page there is a link that will allow you access to live stream our Meet the Team event.

The NFHS Network system will also be utilized to live stream all of our junior high and high school basketball games. However, a subscription is required to view them. Once your account is created, you can subscribe to the NFHS Network system for either an annual pass at $69.99 or a monthly pass for $10.99. A subscription will not only allow you to view your favorite Wildcat team, but you will allow you to have access to any school in the nation that is using the NFHS Network system.