PAJHS Induction

The Philip S. Abbot Junior Honor Society held their fall induction ceremony on Wednesday, November 29, 2023. The new inductees are Morgan Allen, Carmen Beaver, Brylee Breeze, Hayden Burger, Sophie Campbell, Ben Coy, Jackie Earl, Hailey Ewing, Elizabeth Fogt, Natalie Griffin, Gabriella Harding, Trenton Hartings, Caden Hoellrich, Zoey Kinsella, Emma Koenig, Wyatt Larger, Olivia Maier, Xander McCorkle, Lacey Naseman, Kenleigh Nation, Hannah Ostendorf, Madison Plunkett, Kylie Price, Kaelyn Richardson, Claire Rust, Jayden Waggoner, Laney White, Autumn Wilkins, Amber Young.

Fall 2023 Inductees